Top Companies in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and Machine Learning – Survey

Top Companies in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and Machine Learning – Survey

From Google and Amazon to Apple and Microsoft, every major tech company is dedicating resources to breakthroughs in AI . Personal assistants like Siri and Alexa have made AI a neighborhood of our daily lives. Meanwhile, revolutionary breakthroughs like self-driving cars might not be the norm, but are certainly accessible.


  1. Ascent
  2. Osaro
  3. Riskified
  4. Nvidia
  5. Nuro
  6. Tempus
  7. Ascent
  8. DataRobot
  9. Freenome
  10. Grammarly
  11. CloudMinds
  13. Nauto
  14. OpenAI
  15. Sift Science
  16. SoundHound
  17. Vicarious
  18. Zoox
  19. Zymergen

As the big guys scramble to infuse their products with AI , other companies are hard at work developing their own intelligent technology and services.

The AI industry even broke records during the worldwide uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, with AI startups raising $33 billion in 2020, according to CB Insights.

With investors clamoring and thus the technology cross-pollinating across countless industries, we’ve rounded up the top AI companies and AI startups worth keeping an eye fixed fixed on.


Industry: Fintech

Location: Chicago, IL

What it does: Ascent builds, automates and manages compliance programs for pocket businesses, powered by cloud technology and artificial intelligence to keep programs strong and secure over time. Started in 2015, the company ’s cloud results are driven by machine scholarship capabilities that identify changes in regulations and tailor to avoid penalties, enforcement conduct and other nonsupervisory hazards in real time.

Ascent ai companies roundup


Industry: E-commerce

Location: New York, NY

What they do: Riskified is an AI powered platform that allows e-commerce sites to better identify legitimate shoppers and reduces the friction in the purchasing process to create a better customer experience. The company’s scalable solution adapts to meet evolving needs as e-commerce shops release new products and enter new markets, with Riskified’s machine learning models pulling from more than one billion past transactions to make instant decisions that stop e-commerce fraud attacks before they occur.

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