Career Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence

With Artificial Intelligence (AI)’s growing influence in today’s industry, a wide spectrum of artificial intelligence career paths also opens up. No wonder the power of AI is giving a boost in every single field, thereby escalating the need for AI experts. Statistically, the annual growth rate for the appointment of Artificial Intelligent jobs is 74%, as quoted by one of Forbes’ reports. Numerous enterprise applications worldwide either already have or are soon to have embedded AI functionality within the systems themselves.

Education, healthcare, agriculture, or any other, no matter which sector you pick, there is a widespread impact of AI everywhere, resulting in great career opportunities to explore in the artificial intelligence job market. For landing a job in the AI field, you need to master the skills such as Python, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Machine Learning, and a few more. The demand for AI professionals is surging as ever, hence justifying the blooming popularity of AI Engineer courses

We will discuss artificial intelligence job opportunities while also helping you find answers to your questions.  

Artificial intelligence job opportunities

Is artificial intelligence a good career?’, ‘Does artificial intelligence require coding?’, we will answer all these questions. In this blog, you will get to know about the skyrocketing ai job positions along with the respective ai job description and the corresponding skillset required. 

Now, one of the major aspects and prominent goals of AI is to copy human behaviour.  Some common human intelligence that AI mimics includes Speech and face recognition, natural language processing, making recommendations, etc. The two techniques, Deep Learning and Machine Learning are like the ultimate boons to achieve AI. Both of these two techniques demand extensive libraries for handling and processing the data. Hence, in case you are wondering if coding is required for AI, then I must tell you that the answer is absolute ‘Yes’.   Python is the most commonly used programming language for the implementation of AI. Short Learning Curves of Python makes it aptly suitable for Machine Learning. 

Skillset Required for AI

If we talk about the concepts, then Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Cloud Computing are the most important ones, along with respective Computer science and Statistics concepts to know for working in the field of AI. Skills related to database management such as Apache, SQL, Hive are the prerequisites. Programming tools like Python, R, SAS, SSAS, and Scala come in handy while dealing with AI. Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, AWS Big Data, Azure are some useful frameworks in implementing AI. When you study AI, you get to develop these skills and implement them in your work frames.

AI Revolutionizing the world with these Career Opportunities

  • AI & ML Developer/Engineer

AI & ML Engineer/Developer is responsible for performing statistical analysis, running statistical tests, and implementing statistical designs. Furthermore, they develop deep learning systems, manage ML programs, implement ML algorithms, etc. 

So, basically, they deploy AI & ML-based solutions for the company. For becoming n AI & ML developer, you will need good programming skills in Python, Scala, and Java. You get to work on frameworks like Azure ML Studio, Apache Hadoop, Amazon ML, etc. If you proceed on the set ai engineer learning path, success is all yours! The average salary of an AI engineer in India is found to be ranging from INR 4 Lakhs p.a. to INR 20 Lakhs p.a. 

  • AI Analyst/Specialist

The role of an AI analyst or specialist is similar to that of an ai engineer. The key responsibility is to cater to AI-oriented solutions and schemes to enhance the services delivered by a certain industry using the data analyzing skills to study the trends and patterns of certain datasets. Whether you talk about the healthcare industry, finance industry, geology sector, cyber security, or any other sector, AI analysts or specialists are seen to have quite a good impact all over.  An AI Analyst/Specialist must have a good programming, system analysis, and computational statistics background. A bachelor’s or equivalent degree can help you land an entry-level position, but a master’s or equivalent degree is a must for the core AI analyst positions. The average salary of an ai analyst can be anywhere between INR 3 Lakhs per year and 10 Lakhs per year, based on the years of experience and company you are working for. 

  • Data Scientist

Owing to the huge demand for data scientists, there are high chances that you are already familiar with the term. The role of a data scientist involves identifying valuable data streams and sources, working along with the data engineers for the automation of data collection processes, dealing with big data, analyzing massive amounts of data to learn the trends and patterns for developing predictive ML models. A data scientist is also responsible for coming up with solutions and strategies for the decision-makers with the help of intriguing visualization tools and techniques. SQL, Python, Scala, SAS, SSAS, and R are the most useful tools to a data scientist. They are required to work on frameworks such as Amazon ML, Azure ML Studio, Spark MLlib, and so on. The average salary of a data scientist in India is INR 5-22 Lakhs per year, depending on their experience and the company they are hired in. 

  • Research Scientist

Research Scientist is one of the other fascinating artificial intelligence jobs. This ai job position holds responsibilities related to researching the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to innovate and discover AI-oriented solutions to real-world problems. As we know, research in whatever streams it may be demands core expertise. Likewise, the role of a research scientist calls for mastery in various AI disciplines such as Computational Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Neural Networks.  A research scientist is expected to have Python, Scala, SAS, SSAS, and R programming skills. Apache Hadoop, Apache Signa, Scikit learn, H20 are some common frameworks to work on as a research scientist. An advanced master’s or doctoral degree is a must for becoming an AI research scientist. As per the current studies, an AI research scientist earns a minimum of INR 35 Lakhs annually in India. 

  • Product Manager

Nowadays, in every leading company, the job of a product manager incorporates a significant role of artificial intelligence. Resolving challenging issues by strategically collecting data falls under the duty of a product manager. You are supposed to have the skill of identifying relevant business impeding problems and further gather related datasets for data interpretation. Once the data interpretation is made, the product manager implements effective AI strategies to evaluate the business impacts depicted by the inferences drawn from data interpretation. In view of the crucial job role, every organization needs an efficient product manager. Thus, we can say that a product manager ensures that a product is actively running.  One must have good hands-on programming languages like Python, R, SQL, and other essential ones. Initially, the average pay of a product manager is around INR 7-8 Lakhs per anum, which can extend to one Crore in the later years. There is no such thing as a free lunch; similarly, for getting a job as a product manager, you must have an in-depth knowledge of AI-ML, Computer Science, Statistics, Marketing related core concepts. Ultimately, experience, skills, company and locations are the major factors that determine your salary as a product manager. 

  • Robotics Scientist

Following the lead of global automation trends and the emergence of robotics in the field of ai, we can tell it is definitely a sign of sprouting demand for robotics scientists. In this fast-paced world where technology is becoming the pioneer, robots are indeed stealing the job of people handling manual or repetitive & boring tasks. On the contrary, it is giving employment to professionals having expertise in the field of robotics. In order to build and manage these robotic systems, we need a robotics engineer. To pursue a career as a robotics engineer, you must have a master’s degree in robotics, Computer Science or Engineering. A robotics scientist is among one of the other interesting and high paying ai careers take upon. Since we are already aware of how complicated robots are, tackling them demands knowledge in different disciplines. If the field of robotics intrigues you and you are good at programming, mechanics, electronics, electrics, sensing, and psychology and cognition to some extent, you are good to go with this career option. 

Major Companies that offer artificial intelligence jobs

Here are the top 10 artificial intelligence listed companies in India that are much popular in the ai job market

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Accenture
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Baker Hughes
  • PepsiCo
  • Casetext

Present time and scenario are absolutely perfect to suit your transition to or fresh beginning in the artificial intelligence work environment. One who manages to excel at artificial intelligence skills is sure to land a lucrative job in this field and make a promising career out of it. It will not be an overstatement if I say one who works in the field of artificial intelligence has great endeavours to look forward to. By now, you must have been well familiarized with the noteworthy role of artificial intelligence in today’s era. If you are an AI job hunter, you probably would have realized that the employers sought to meet the company’s technological requirements with progressing AI talents. For diving into the ocean of AI, you must possess a relevant technical skillset. 

Applications of AI

 We all know that the development of Artificial Intelligence is marking a colossal impact in all the major industries. This is what is responsible for catalysing the generation of AI job opportunities. Let us have a look at some of its common and broad application areas:

  • Education: AI is utilized for creating a more suitable and interactive learning environment for the students. Hi-tech teaching methods are more into furnishing AI originated solutions. Neuro-networking can be useful in child pedagogy.
  • Healthcare: The inclusion of AI-based technologies facilitates easy and precise diagnosis. This further leads to providing correct prescriptions and treatment to the patients.
  • E-Commerce: Yielding to effective product recommendations, warehouse operations, inventory management, cyber security, and so on, AI offers a nice deal in making everything convenient and efficient. 
  • Agriculture: Cloud Computing can be of great help for the diagnosis and treatment of crops. AI helps in harvesting optimal crop production by creating a healthy agricultural environment.
  • Finance: Stock marketing, Investment plan making, sales marketing all deploy AI inclined strategies and solutions. Predictive intelligence coupled with machine learning proves to be a lot helpful in the finance industry. Even banks employ chatbot assistance, advanced payment methods, and fraud detection systems that are branches of AI applications. 
  • Sports: Athletes can keep their health in check and consequently enhancing their performances with the help of advanced AI tools. AI finds its application in the sports industry in several ways like reviewing and ranking systems, player training models, sports journalism, and a few. 

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